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Duik Ángela.2 new feature: Shifts
• Have a look at our new global roadmap for the tools, tutorials and books...

Duik Ángela.2: Shifts

Duik Ángela.2 v17.2.0-alpha4 is available for all members with a new tool: Shifts.

This is very useful for a kind of organic, random or quasi-random, quasi-regular, movement; it works with any numeric property (including colors).
Like a step by step wiggle... And it can loop of course!
Note that each cycle will be different if you choose to loop, so it really looks random while regularly getting back to the original value.

In short: it's completely customizable and may be very useful for all kind of stuff 🙂
Details are already in the doc.

Download Duik Ángela.2 Alpha now!
A glimpse at the backstage

If you'd like to know more about what we're doing and have a glimpse at the future of our tools, keep this address at hand:


It will redirect you to the new platform we're using for all technical-nerdy-backend stuff, Codeberg*.


What should interest you most is the Projects tab where you'll find our roadmap for all our tools as well as the tutorials we'd like to release and all the books we're planning to publish!


We're thinking about the best way to let you vote for your favorite tool/tutorial/book to have some kind of influence on the priorities.

In the meantime, with a free (and anonymous if you'd like) account on Codeberg, you can already react to and even comment on the issues listed in these projects!


That's also the place to access the source code for all our tools, and will soon be the place where any kind of contribution can be made (from sharing your thoughts to actual coding and translation of the tools)

Go to source.rxlab.io

* We're moving from the better-known Github, because, to the contrary to what you may think, Github is not the best place to host free and open-source software. It's owned by Microsoft, it's not open-source itself, and we really don't like the fact that it uses our code to feed their AI without our consent. We actually believe it goes against the GNU General Public License we use for our tools, or at least against the spirit of it (as there's nothing to prevent people to use this AI to generate proprietary code).

Codeberg on the other hand is an open-source platform run by an independent German non-profit organization in Berlin, dedicated to open-source software.

💜With love💜

the RxLab. Team

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