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This is a free and open source software released under the GNU General Public License v3 – read more about this license here.

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Read the doc to know more about each component and get installation instructions.

A note about these components

Ramses is a complete framework made of several components (read more about that here), and the best is to use all of them together, but it is modular anyway: you don’t necessarily need all of them depending on what you need to do.

That said, as this is still a testing version, the Ramses Client Application cannot be used without a server yet. You absolutely need to connect it to a server, until the offline mode has been fully implemented.

But you don’t necessarily need to have this server online, it could just simply run on your own computer if you want to test Ramses easily on your own. We’re helping you install your server with the documentation!

Before downloading Ramses

You should read our quick start guide to know a bit more about Ramses and what you need.

Ramses Server

Ramses Server

Read the update or install instructions here.

Size: 106 kB (.zip)
Version: 0.2.11-Alpha

Ramses Client Application

Ramses App (Win)
Size: 29 MB (.zip)
Version: 0.2.11-Alpha
Ramses App (Linux)

Debian / Ubuntu > 20.04

Size: 2 MB (.deb)
Version: 0.2.11-Alpha
Ramses App (Mac)
Size: 15 MB (.dmg)
Version: 0.2.11-Alpha
Ramses App (Linux)

All distributions

Size: 40 MB (.appImage)
Version: 0.2.11-Alpha

Ramses Add-on for Autodesk Maya

Ramses Maya
Size: 49 MB (.zip)
Version: 0.2.11-Alpha
Ramses Maya – Rubika Flavor
Size: 49 MB (.zip)
Version: 0.2.11-Alpha

Ramses Scripting API

Ramses Python API
Size: 45 kB (.zip)
Version: 0.2.11-Alpha



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