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ହାଏ ବନ୍ଧୁଗଣ!

Let's introduce the new Ramses Unified Installer, which will help you install, update and remove all Ramses components. This installer framework may be used for other RxLab. software, applications and scripts like Duik too if it proves useful and reliable.

It comes with a new version of the Ramses application, and next we'll also give you some news about what we're currently doing at RxLab.


We've just released a new version of the Ramses application, the core of the Rx Asset Management System.


It comes with a lot of UI tweaks and improvements, to prepare for new features currently in development. And of course, a bunch of bug fixes and other stability improvements, as always.

But more important, especially for you, dear members, you can now test the new Ramses Unified Installer, which can install all Ramses Components (the main application, the add-ons for your DCC apps like Maya, After Effects, Blender when they will be available but also the scripting API and the files needed to install the server).

The installer also installs our new Maintenance Tool which can be used to add, update or remove any component at any time very easily without having to manually download anything.
Don’t worry, unlike other app managers like the Creative Cloud App or the Autodesk Manager, the Ramses Maintenance Tool does not run in background and pollute your workspace, it’s just a very lightweight app you can run only when you need it (i.e. when an update is available).

Download Ramses

We're still thinking about the best way to use this installer and maintenance tool though, because we're afraid if people won't have to come to our website we may get much less donations and contributions, and that would be a problem.

Let us know what you think about that, and share your ideas!


We've already talked about DuME, the Media Encoder, in our previous newsletter; there's nothing much to add, just know we're actively working on it!


If you weren't a member yet when we sent the previous letter, you can read it here!

Duik Ángela

We've already released 4 updates of Duik Ángela (17.0), the comprehensive rigging and animation tool set for After Effects, to fix all issues you've found, and already introduce a few improvements and minor features.

It's a never ending work and we're continuously working on Duik to make it better and better; a fifth minor update is already on its way, and 17.1 is planned for later this year (or the next).

Download Duik Ángela
RxLab's website

We're constantly improving rxlaboratory.org to make your (membership) experience better, and scaling it to support the growing traffic and streaming.


We've just improved the way videos are loaded, to fix a few freezing issues you've encountered while watching some tutorials.


If you encounter any bug with your account, videos, or just navigating the website, let us know! It's a continuous work which never ends.

💜With love💜

the RxLab. Team

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