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Duik Ángela

The comprehensive rigging and animation toolkit for Adobe After Effects.

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After Effects
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Duik Ángela

Duik Ángela is the brand new version of Duik (17.x), the successor of Duik Bassel (16.x).


Duik’s comprehensiveness, ease of use, and 14 years of continuous innovation have made it the leading tool and the industry standard for rigging and animation with After Effects.

It provides all the rigging tools you need to control and animate complex characters, props, cameras…

Duik has plenty of animation tools too to help managing keyframes and interpolations, tweening and traditional animation.

Automations, like wiggle, random motion, wheel, spring, bounce, looper, swing, blink, walk & run cycle… can help you animate more quickly and easily.

Duik also includes lots of useful tools, such as camera controls or scripting and expression tools, that are not solely tied to animation but can be really useful for riggers, animators, motion designers and compositors.

Ángela Salazar

This 17th version of Duik has been named after María Ángela Salazar Murillo. She was a Colombian activist of African descent, member of the Commission for Truth.

Read more about her.


The User Guide

This illustrated user guide is a complete reference about every­thing in Duik, written by its developer, and includes all the tips, advice, explanations and details you’ll ever need to master character rigging and animation in After Effects and in general.

395 pages | 39€

The official video course

The Official Comprehensive Course will teach you everything about Duik Ángela.

Lang: English | Français
11 h | Name your own price

Rig and animate a cute robot

An exclusive 1-hour tutorial to learn how to rig a character with Duik Ángela in After Effects!

Lang: English | Français
71 mn | Name your own price

Introduction to Duik Ángela

Discover Duik Ángela with this free introductory tutorial and learn how to rig and animate a character in 15 minutes!

Lang: English | Français
16 mn | Free

Comprehensive course about Animation

Learn (character) Animation in After Effects to make the best animation with Duik!

Lang: English | Français
8 h 30 mn | Name your own price

Free Tutorials

We’re regularly posting free short tutorials about Duik (and many other subjects) to help you learn everything you need and discover new tricks.

Lang: English | Français

New in Duik Ángela

Duik Ángela is a powerhouse of more than 50 individual features – which could as well be as many individual scripts sold separately – packaged in a free and open source comprehensive toolkit. Here’s just a small selection of what’s new in this version, compared to the previous 14 years of Duik!

This new version of Duik is a complete re-write of the previous version. The user interface has been completely revamped, and every little bit has been improved.

But more than that, a lot of new features have been included, which makes Duik even more comprehensive than it’s always been.

You can read the complete changelog to learn what’s new in details. We’re updating this changelog in real time as the development goes on!

OCO Meta-rigs

OCO is the Open Cut-Out format: it’s a new format RxLab. is developing, used to export, share, and import character rigs dedicated to cut-out animation as it’s done in After Effects and many other software.

With the support of OCO, Duik now also includes a lot of Meta-rigs, predefined armatures you can use to rig an entire character in a few clicks, thanks to the almighty Duik Auto-rig.

New bones with envelops and noodles

The bones now come with their envelops, which are references to help you design perfectly shaped joints for your cut-out characters, and their noodles to quickly design nice, bendy, smoothly-curved limbs like if they were soft rubber. Softness can only make the world better, don’t you think?

Watch the tutorial about these bones to learn more.

New Auto-rig

For a long time, Duik’s been rigging your bipeds and quadrupeds. Now, it can rig your birds, fishes, cetaceans, insects, arachnids, crustaceans…

The new Auto-Rig includes wings, fins, hair, fish spines, and arthropod legs in addition to all kind of mammal limbs to help you rig anything.

Watch the tutorial about the auto-rig learn more.

Auto-Parent Artwork and Automatic Layer Management

The time when you had to parent dozens of artwork layers to your rig has passed. Duik is now smart enough to understand your layer names and handle everything for you: parenting, layer types, tags and groups…

Watch the tutorial about the bones learn more about the auto-parent feature.
Watch the tutorial about the additional tools to learn more about the layer manager.

Key Morph

Use the powerful Key Morph feature to blend and interpolate between as many different keys/poses as you wish.

This is the perfect tool for facial animation, lipsync, head turns, and much more…

Watch the tutorial about the Key Morph learn more.

Improved Connector

The almighty connector is now easier to use, and has even more capabilities.

For example, you can now connect a list of layers or the audio of a layer, to any property, and even to the new Key Morph to control it very easily.

Watch the tutorial about the Key Morph learn more.

New Kleaner

The Kleaner, Keyframe Cleaner, has been completely redesigned.

The Kleaner automatically generates a perfect animation from simple, linear keyframes, by handling the interpolation, anticipation, overlap, follow-through… And of course you can tweak the result with precise and intuitive controls, which makes it useful for both beginners and skilled animators.

Watch the tutorial about the procedural animation to learn more.

New procedural walk & run cycle

Because you don’t always have time to perfectly animate (secondary) characters, or for a kickstart of your animation you can detail later, we’ve added a procedural walk and run cycle to Duik. You can customize the cycle with lots of easy-to-use and intuitive parameters, like the energy of the character, or it’s speed…

Watch the introductory tutorial about Duik Ángela to learn more.

Non-Linear Animation

Have you ever dreamed of being able to edit animations together like you edit video clips?

Now you can! Use the Non-Linear Animation to easily blend and transition between animated clips.

Watch the tutorial about the NLA to learn more.

Tweening Tools

Maybe you prefer a more traditional way of animating with a precise keyframing, to the point you’re animating using hold keyframes like a true animator?

Duik’s here to help you too! We’ve added tweening tools to help you create a subtle animation the traditional way.

Watch the tutorial about the NLA to learn more.

And Much More…

There’s so many new and improved features we can’t list them all here. But if you’ve ever wanted to animate the frequency of a wiggle, to use an effector with custom shapes, to generate natural random values and motion, to start or stop a loop at a specific time, to automatically generate the smoothest camera moves, to save notes associated to a specific composition or a project, to crop precompositions without moving them, to assign keyboard shortcuts to Duik functions, etc, etc. Know that Duik’s here for you.

Read the detailed changelog for an exhaustive list of new features and improvements.

Duik is Free and Open Source

Workers, Duik’s been made for you. We hope that with Duik your work will be a bit faster, a bit easier. But don’t let the Capital benefit from it, your value isn’t diminished by the fact that you’re working better and faster: don’t lower your price, don’t accept tighter deadlines, not from your boss, nor your client.
Just spend the time you’ve saved using Duik with your family, your friends, doing what you like, not what you’re forced to do.

Duik is free and open source because we want everyone to be able to use it, as they wish, without constraints. We have a dream of where everyone can afford the tools they need.

Duik is free and open source because everyone should be able to modify and share their own tools, and no one should be tied to any form of organization, whether it’s a state or a company. We have a dream of emancipation.

Back us now!

We strongly believe that emancipation, free sharing and helping each other will make the world a better place for everyone.

We work in a non-mercantile way, there’s no ads, you’re not the product, we don’t track you.

We rely on your voluntary donations. It’s not mandatory, but it’s much needed. Please, donate what you can afford, what you think is the right amount.



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