Sanity tests for After Effects projects.

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After Effects
Windows | macOS


Sanity tests for After Effects.

If you’re getting tired of your messy project panel with thousands of items, or of issues due to layer and composition names, or of After Effects getting slower and slower when working with it, DuSan has been made for you.

DuSan periodically runs some tests during an After Effects session to detect anything which might go wrong or lead to poor performance (like the project size, memory in use, layers sharing the same name, number of essential properties…) and help you fix these issues. It can be used as a stand-alone ScriptUI Panel, but it is also meant to be included in other RxLab. scripts like Duik, to make sure After Effects project are as sane as possible when using complex tools involving a lot of expressions.

Future versions will provide more tests and a better monitoring, and help you tidy your project.


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