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2D/Cut-Out Rigging and Animation tool set for Blender

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This is still an Alpha version, which means there's still a lot of development remaining, but it is already considered "usable". i.e. you can already use it without breaking the sun, even if some (a lot of) features are still missing and there's still some (a lot of) bugs. It is not ready for use in production.

Current version:
5 months ago


macOS | Windows | Linux

Rx Experimental Tools for Blender | Bluik

RxLaboratory is actively developing a lot of tools for Blender. We’re collected the ones which can already be tested in this add-on, which will ultimately become Bluik (Duik for Blender), and maybe some other more official add-ons.

Read the comprehensive documentation to discover what is already available and the list of the available features (including the OCA importer).

We’re going to update this add-on regularly, if you’d like to be notified for the updates, subscribe to the newsletter with the form below.

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