Simple tool to quickly build Adobe ExtendScript tools.

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This is still a Beta version, which means there's still some development remaining, but it is already considered "usable". i.e. you can already use it without breaking the sun, there may still be some bugs. You may use it in production at your own risk.

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macOS | Windows


DuBuilder is a simple tool used at RxLaboratory to quickly build Adobe Scripts using the ExtendScript programming language.

What it does

It builds a single .jsx file from a script split in several *.jsxinc files using the #include pre-processor instruction.

It is also able to automatically build any associated jsdoc from the script if jsdoc is available on the system.

It comes with both a nice Graphical User Interface, and a Command Line Interface to make it also easy to use in your scripts and automation processes.

What it doesn’t do

DuBuilder is not able to obfuscate your script, nor convert it into a .jsxbin obfuscated file. At Rainbox Lab. we don’t need this as we open source all our tools, and we strongly believe that letting the users access the source code is important to make the world better. No matter what, your scripts will be cracked, so why would you prevent everyone from learning, and being able to use their tools as they wish?

DuBuilder is not able to minify your scripts nor remove the comments. Minifying scripts and removing comments do not improve their performance in any way. It is true that minifying will make the file much smaller, but it’s quicker and easier to just zip the script to make the file as small as possible when distributing it, it’s not really useful to minify it.

That said, the file built by DuBuilder is a very standard .jsx file, so you can use your own tools to obfuscate and minify it if you wish.


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