OCA for Krita

OCA for Krita

Export Animation keyframes from Krita to OCA, a JSON + PNG/EXR/SVG format.

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OCA for Krita

OCA, the Open Cel Animation format is an open format to ease the exchange of traditional/frame-by-frame/cel animation between different applications.

It is able to export all animation keyframes from a Krita document, keeping the layer structure, blending modes, and a lot of other information. This OCA format can then be imported in another application like Adobe After Effects or Blender.

This is the OCA exporter for Krita.


This OCA exporter will export the most common features of all drawing/animation software:

  • Exports the layers or the flattened image
  • Layer Groups (and pass through mode if any)
  • Layer Labels
  • Layer Visibility
  • Layer Inherits Alpha
  • Keyframes and their duration (animation exposure)
  • Opacity Keyframes
  • Blending Modes (see this table for a list)
  • Layer Sizes and Coordinates
  • Document background color
  • Document color depth

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