About RxLab.

Always create for the benefit of the people the instruments of their well-being, and you will have created the instruments of their power and emancipation.

Jean-Baptiste André Godin

RxLaboraty, also knwon as RxLab, is an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of free software.


The fate of the country does not depend on how you vote at the polls — the worst man is as strong as the best at that game; it does not depend on what kind of paper you drop into the ballot-box once a year, but on what kind of man you drop from your chamber into the street every morning.

Henry David Thoreau

RxLaboratory is not only dedicated to software development and teaching, training, helping people.
Our goal is also to show that another world can be built together, without mercantilism and capitalism, where emancipation and freedom of all the people comes from equality, financial independance and mutual assistance, in a world respectful of nature.

This is the reason why we’re always searching for new ways to fund, develop, and share what we do best: films (via Rainbox Productions), software, and teaching, and lead by example. We won’t lecture anyone and won’t judge anyone for their choices and their way of doing what they do, but we’re showing other ways, which work, and that we believe could make the world a better place for everyone.

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Who are we?

First of all, RxLaboratory represents a growing community of animation and motion pictures enthusiasts, as it is backed by a lot of people during crowdfunding campaigns, donations, and support on Patreon. We owe you, and RxLab. is proud to be yours, and your voice, through its commitments and its way of building a better world.

Historically, everything began in 2008 when Nicolas “Duduf” Dufresne released the first version of Duik, the very first character rigging and animation add-on for After Effects, which quickly became a huge success. From the beginning, Duduf has been developping and releasing his tools under free and open source licenses.

In 2016, Duduf founded Rainbox Productions, a French film production cooperative. The cooperative also included a non-profit software development department called Rainbox Lab. which funded and ran the development and distribution of all the free software Duduf had been working on so far, and brought it to a bigger scale, releasing new add-ons and applications to help any kind of motion pictures production.

In 2021, the cooperative decided that this Lab. should get its independance from Rainbox Productions to continue to grow and follow its own path. RxLaboratory was born! By taking shares in Rainbox Productions, RxLab. still keeps strong links with the cooperative and with motion picture production in general, allowing it to develop software perfectly filling the needs of artists producing beautiful films.

It is currently a French independent company run by Nicolas Dufresne, but this is just a temporary necessity in order to later transform it into a non-profit independent organization owned and run democratically by its members.

Support us!

Current goal: $4000 per month

We strongly believe that emancipation, free sharing and helping each other will make the world a better place for everyone.

We work in a non-mercantile way, there’s no ads, you’re not the product, we don’t track you.

We rely on your voluntary donations. It’s not mandatory, but it’s much needed. Please, donate what you can afford, what you think is the right amount.


Do you have some questions? Join the community and let’s get in touch!

These are also good places if you’d like to help us and contribute. We’re always happy to welcome people of good will, and there’s always a lot of stuff to do, like translating the tools, writing the documentation, fixing bugs or implementing new features, making tutorials, creating icons… We’re sure there’s at least one of these thing you can do to help improve all these free tools!

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