In 2020,  Bartosz Bąk joined the animation challenge organized by Markus Magnusson, Motion Design School and Aescripts. He rigged, and animated, using Duik, these characters designed by Markus Magnusson. ▹ More details on his Behance page here!

User Statistics / Open Data

When using some of our tools, users have the option to let the software automatically check for new updates. This is done once a day, and each time a tool connects to our servers, they gather simple and anonymous data to serve the required information. We’re sharing here the available data based on the number […]

RxLab Store

Have an account? Sign in Welcome to the store Buying products through this store is a nice way to support free software development. If you need any help or have any question about this store, contact us.If you already have an account, you can sign in. Featured Development fund Tutorials Books T-Shirts Accessories Our designs

Schools and teaching

We’re always trying to provide a comprehensive documentation for our tools, and other documents, along with nice tutorials or quick tips. But when it’s possible, the best way to share techniques and experience is by just meeting each other. Teaching, meet-ups, talks, are of great importance for us, and we’re always happy to come and […]

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