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It's been just a month since our last post, the time it took to prepare nice new gifts for you!

DuBlast for Blender

DuBlast is an add-on for Blender which makes it easy to create and play animation previews, without having to change any render or output setting.

After DuBlast for Maya in Septembre, DuBlast for Blender got its update in october! Nothing really new, but a important fixes (especially for macOS) and minor improvements. This will be a must-have with the future Bluik ;)

Download DuBlast

Ramses, the Rx Asset Management System, is a complete framework to help you, your team, your studio, track the production of your films and automate your workflow.

Since its first release with the new offline mode, Ramses' been used in a few studios and schools already (and by ourselves), and a new important update has been released a week ago (v0.6.0).

Performance has been greatly improved with big data and huge tables and schedules, and the Ramses Server (for those who don't rely only on the new offline mode) has got a lot of improvements and fixes too. We still plan to provide servers (free for you, patrons & members) in the future for those who don't want to bother to install and maintain one.

It's still in Beta, but can already be used. We hope the After Effects & Blender add-ons will be available soon enough.

Download Ramses

For those who wish to install their own Ramses Server, we now provide two different Docker configs to help you install it quickly and easily!

Duik Ángela

Duik Ángela got a big, great, shiny update too an hour ago!

Two versions are now available:

Beta 6 is publicly available, that's the one you've been testing these last few weeks.
Beta 7 is the new version available in early-access for patrons & members.

This new Beta 7 includes a new panel: the OCO Meta-rig panel.

OCO is the Open Cut-Out format: it’s a new format  RxLab. is developing, to export, share, and import character rigs dedicated to cut-out animation as it’s done in After Effects for example.
It will also be available in Blender, with Bluik, of course!
And in Krita and Illustrator and (...), to help you quickly export characters to be rigged in a single click in Blender or After Effects or (...), a bit like the OCA format for traditional animation.

With the support of OCO, Duik now also includes a lot of Meta-rigs, predefined armatures you can use to rig an entire character in a few clicks, thanks to the almighty Duik Auto-rig.

The Meta-Rig panel is actually a new library (like the already existing animation library and script library in Duik), and that means you can create and store your own Meta-rigs. This is a first step to ease the use of the same rig on multiple characters, for example, or to export/import characters to/from other software.

Duik Ángela Private Beta 7 w/ OCO
Duik Ángela Public Beta 6

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