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More tutorials about Duik Ángela are available, both in English and français.

The official comprehensive video course is still being recorded, 5 hours are finished already, both in English and français, but we think it's going to be much longer, as we really want to teach everything about Duik to help you make the most of it.


Pins, Puppet tool, and Bézier paths
The Auto-rigger, the Controllers, the limbs and the IK…


Épingles, Marionnette, et tracés de Bézier
L’autorig, les contrôleurs, les membres et les IK…

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These last few weeks, a lot of updates were released for Ramses, which improved a lot the performances and stability, both of the application and the server. We're getting closer to getting out of the Beta versions!

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If you've visited our website rxlaboratory.org recently, you may have noticed it's changed recently. We're tweaking everything to prepare the release of Duik Ángela (and the next tools). Don't hesitate to tell us what you think about it!

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We wish you a great last week for 2022!

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