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안녕 친구!

Let's celebrate the new year with the new Duik! In 2023, say Farewell to Duik Bassel and welcome Duik Ángela!

There's just 3 last little bugs to fix... But if you'd like to try it anyway, you can, before everyone else!

We've decided to release a first tutorial, a bit in advance, which will be part of the official video course available soon. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to rig and animate a cute robot, including the facial rig, with the brand new version of Duik Ángela!

Watch it now!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to rig and animate the character, including the facial rig. This is a way to discover and learn many different tools in Duik:

⬣ Bones
⬣ Pins
⬣ Auto-rig
⬣ Kleaner
⬣ Connector

You’ll learn how to use your own custom controllers with the auto-rigger. You’ll see how you can have a nice foreshortening on the stretchy legs, even if the layers aren’t shape layers. You’ll learn how to rotate the head in 2.5D using the powerful connector, as well as how to control mouth shapes and the eyes with it. And you’ll learn how you can use the Kleaner to help your animation with a lot of details using just linear keyframes!

We're creating two categories of tutorials which will be available on, free tutorials, to learn all the theory, which are some kind of video user-guides, and premium, longer tutorials to put all this theory into practice.


We've decided that you should be able to name your own price for these new premium tutorials*, according to your means, what you think is right, because knowledge should stay accessible to everyone.


The recommended price for this very first premium 1-hour tutorial is 5 €  and the minimum price is 2 €. Of course, you're welcome to pay more if you can afford to!
Or for just 10 € per month or 100 € per year, you can have an unlimited access to this and all other tutorials.

*Unfortunately, our older tutorials, sold on, keep their fixed price, as they're sold by and we can't control the price.

We wish you a great last day for 2022,
and we promise we will continue to do our best in 2023 to not only innovate and share more knowledge, but to do it in a way which always contributes to improve, as much as we can, the world we all live in together.

💜With love💜

the RxLab. Team

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