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If we don't live as we think, we begin to think as we live.*

* Raoul Hedebouw

Hi dear members,

We hope you're well and safe in the beginning of this new year!

We have important information concerning your membership, please read carefully the rest of this email.

On our side, to start the year from a good basis, and to prepare the release of our new tools, we've made lots of technical improvements to our framework, especially the website and the shop/subscriptions/payment processing system.

That brings some technical changes that, as members, you should be aware of. We hope this will both improve and simplify the way you can manage your membership, and get your exclusive perks.

What's changing for you:

Managing your subscriptions and orders, getting your receipts, has been made easier, and all available in one place: your account. You can also manage there the orders you may have placed through the store.

⬣ You can now easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership at any time (and future payments will be prorated).

Of course, all of this has been made with the only goal of improving both your experience and the security of your data; it doesn't change anything to your all perks, your access to the tutorials and future tools.

⬣ When we've migrated your account to the new system, your previous recurring payment has been automatically cancelled.
This is actually a guarantee of security, as nobody can access this data, not even us.
This just means that you'll get a new invoice when it's time to renew your membership (one month or one year after your latest payment, according to your plan), and your subscription/membership will be on hold until you've made the payment (and optionally saved your payment info for automatic future renewals).

⬣ If you don't want to miss it, you can add your payment information at any time to enable automatic renewal, or even renew your subscription in advance at any time, without affecting the actual renewal date (you'll still get the entire period, while making sure the next one is already paid). The nice thing with this new system is that you can also keep the manual renewal if you prefer it this way.

⬣ Other good news is that if you're a professional located in the European Union (other than France), you can now also set your European VAT number, and in this case VAT will be deduced from your payments, according to European laws. We're investigating some ways to remove VAT for other B2B orders outside of Europe.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question, we'll reply and help you as soon as possible. We're also always happy to get your feedback about everything ;)
Just reply to this email!

In the end of this email, we're adding more details about your data and how we're running if that interests you (and it should!)

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New Tutorials!

We've posted more tutorials!

Free tutorials are available in early access for all members, in your private area.


Duik Ángela: The Connector
Duik Ángela: The Key Morph


Duik Ángela : Le Connecteur
Duik Ángela: La métamorphose par clefs (Key Morph)

Watch all the tutorials now!
Duik Ángela: Very, Very Soon!

It's now certain: Duik Ángela will be released in January!


In the few days left before the release, we welcome any contribution to the translation of Duik!

You can help translate a few words, or proofread what's already been translated, any little brick you could add will help!


We've already finished French; Spanish just needs some proofreading. German and Chinese are almost finished, and Esperanto and Russian are on their way.


We'd like to add other languages spoken a lot by Duik users, like Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese for example. We'd also like Duik to be translated in Ukrainian. We've had the chance to be in contact with a few people there, and our tools are a (very small) brick to help people express themselves, and in these dark times, that matters. A lot. Having their tools in Ukrainian could help use them with less friction, and focus on what matters: what they have to say.

That's actually true for everyone. Help us translate Duik in as many languages as possible!


Translations happen on, it's on a platform called Crowdin. You'll just have to create a free and anonymous account (or use an existing Github account if you have one), and it's easy to use.

If the language you'd like to translate to is not listed yet, just contact us and we'll add it. Just reply to this email!

Translate Duik now!
One last note

This technical email is the occasion for us to emphasize how it is important for any organization to be transparent about how it handles your data and secures it. And, again, how free and open source software protects you!


If you're worried about the security of your data (and everyone should be, that's perfectly sane), here's what you should know about (and what any organization holding your data should tell you).


• Your personnal data is securely stored in our own servers (thanks to WordPress, which is free and open source, which guarantees its security. Everyone can have a look at how it's done).

• Your passwords are encrypted and can't be retrieved by anyone.

• Your payment information, and all information associated to your orders, is encrypted and secured either by Stripe or PayPal (according to your choices and availability for specific orders), two serious and recognized payment processors, located in the US. We don't handle that ourselves, that's not our job and would not be safe.

• No matter what, you have the right to access, modify or delete any information we have about you, at any time.

💜With love💜

the RxLab. Team

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