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Oi amigos!

We've improved the membership system on, and let's explain what we're going to do now that Duik Ángela's been released!

Memberships Open Price

We've improved our subscription system with an open price, and you can now choose the monthly or annual amount you're paying.

There are still two membership levels, Silver and Gold. Silver can now be anything between 2 € and 9.99 € / month or 20 € and 99.99 € / year, and Gold is higher than 10 € / month or 100 € / year.

You can upgrade or downgrade membership, or change the amount at any time in the subscriptions section of your account. The new subscription will be prorated to the remaining payments. Just click on the "Upgrade or Downgrade" button.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question or issue.

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What now?

Now that Duik Ángela is available for everyone, here's what we're going to do in 2023!


Ramses, the Rx Asset Management System is getting closer to a public, non-beta release. Here's the plan (not necessarily in this exact order):


⬣ The After Effects add-on is in development. That means that a private Beta will soon be available for members, to help you with your versionning, naming, sorting, tidying of After Effects projects. Yup, that's what Ramses does.

⬣ Next, the Blender add-on will be finished too, and will also be available in early-access for all members soon.

⬣ And finally we're going to make a Ramses Server available to all members, to help them share their Ramses data between all users and workstations. There will be some limitations for Silver members to not overload our servers / be able to pay for bigger servers when needed.


After all these tests, Ramses will finally get out of Beta tests!

Learn more about Ramses

DuME, the Duduf Media Encoder, is also getting very close to the exit of the Beta limbo.


As you can see on the screenshot above, its render queue is finally almost ready, and we're upgrading the UI with a pretty nice nodal view. Don't worry, it's still very easy to use and comes with carefully hand-crafted presets, so transcoding a video or rendering an After Effects project is still just a matter of dropping a file on the UI and clicking "Go!". Nice, and easy.


Oh, and it's been upgraded to use the latest version of ffmpeg, which is insanely fast.


This one will be available in early-access quite soon too, keep in touch!


After we've released the nodal view and render queue, we'll add more filters, we'll finish the support of OpenImageIO to fully support EXR sequences and their AOVs, and we'll improve the support of OpenColorIO. All this will be a lot of work but it's worth it!

With a preview window, it won't be just a media encoder anymore, but a (very basic) compositor. No, the goal is not to develop a compositor, it's just to highlight that it's a bit more than just a basic encoder. Some weird stuff in between.

Learn more about DuME

Worry not, Blender fans and users, Bluik is not forgotten!


Duik Ángela's been a lot of rigging work, and Duduf is getting some fresh air before deep diving back into trigonometry, python, constraints, kinematics and other nerd stuff to release an early alpha version of a working Bluik, Duik for Blender.

Duik Ángela

Did you really think Duik Ángela was finished?


Of course not! Yesterday, we released a bugfix udpate (17.0.2) thanks to your great feedback, but that's still far from being the ultimate version.


There will soon be another minor update for other bugfixes and improvements, and we're already working on Duik Ángela.1 (17.1) with... All the features which didn't make it to 17.0 because time goes soooo fast.


Who's got a way to slow time, even just a little bit?


Of course, this too will be available in early access for all members.


And we're writing the doc and preparing a very beautiful book, which we hope will be available soon!

RxLab's website

We're constantly improving to make your (membership) experience better, and scaling it to support the growing traffic and streaming.


If you encounter any bug with your account, videos, or just navigating the website, let us know! It's a continuous work which never ends.

Thank you very much for your invaluable support.

💜With love💜

the RxLab. Team

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