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We don't send newsletters very often, but when we do, we have important things to share, like the latest updates of Duik Ángela and DuGR, a Performance guide for Duik and After Effects, and the Comprehensive animation course in video now available on our own platform. Enjoy!

Duik Ángela
The new Duik Ángela is here! v17.1.5
The comprehensive rigging and animation toolkit for After Effects just got better.
We've hunted a lot of bugs, thanks to your feedback!
Since our previous newsletter, we've also made some minor performance improvements, tweaked the UI, included more meta-rigs, and improved other bits here and there...
If you encounter any bug, please continue to report them on our (brand new) dedicated page! It's your feedback which makes Duik so great. You can use the Bug button at the bottom of the Duik panel to go there as quickly as a single click.
Download Duik Ángela
Performance guide

Now that Duik Ángela's been available for some time, Duduf is actively writing the comprehensive Duik user guide! You can already have a look at it on duik.rxlab.guide before it's available as a nice printed book.

And he's especially just finished writing the section about After Effects and Duik performance. We're pretty sure you've all had performance issues with After Effects, and in this doc, we're sharing what we've found on the matter, our tips and tricks to help improve the performance, especially, but not only, when using Duik and doing character animation.

If you know other tricks to work better which should be included in this guide, just tell us!

Read the performance guide
Comprehensive animation course in video

After a few years available on tuto.com, our comprehensive course about animation is now available directly on our own platform!

That means you can now name your own price for the course, and also that it's automatically included in gold RxLab. memberships!

Character rigging with Duik and After Effects is one thing, but one other thing is animation!
In this very complete video course, Duduf is sharing his experience as an animator with you.

It’s time to learn how to make characters move, and even better, to give them a soul and a heart, to animate them!

Although this course makes use of Duik in After Effects, it's really about animation, and can be applied to all animation applications, as long as they have keyframes and a curve editor 😉

You can become a member to get an unlimited access to all our tutorials.

Watch the comprehensive animation course
A new DuGR, 5.1.0, is avaiabble!
Group your layers in After Effects!
With this update, DuGR can handle your groups not only in the current composition, but optionally in the pre-compositions or even the whole project too.
DuGR is the perfect companion to Duik, and a very useful tool to handle any project with too many layers...
Latest Tool Updates

Here's the list of tools which got a brand new update since our latest newsletter.

DuGR, v5.1.0, July 17 2023

Duik Ángela, v17.1.5, July 24 2023

Rx Experimental Tools for Blender | Bluik, v0.7.0, July 10 2023 (Alpha version)

DuBlast for Blender, v3.3.1, July 10 2023 (Alpha version)

Ramses, v0.8.Beta, July 5 2023

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