Test the brand new version of Duik Ángela in early access
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வணக்கம் நண்பர்களே!

A new Duik is about to be released, and as members you can test it before everyone else!

Say welcome to Duik Ángela.2 (17.2)!

Download Duik Ángela.2 Alpha now!

This is the first Alpha version of Duik Ángela.2! Alpha means not all the new features are available yet, and new features are going to be implemented during this new cycle of updates.

As soon as all these planned features are available, we'll go to Beta testing, when only fixes and minor improvements will be added thanks to your feedback, before a public release in a few months.

The new feature in this version is the new Performance panel, quickly available with a new button at the bottom right corner of the Duik's panel, next to the sanity tests.

This new panel gathers all performance-related settings and tools to help you speed up After Effects; you'll also find the brand new Optimizer tool, which will set better settings and adjust stuff in the current composition to make it more responsive and faster to render, according to a simple optimization level you can define according to your needs.

This Optimizer is also available in the composition tools panel, and as a new stand-alone Duik Optimizer.jsx panel for a quick access.

All the details about what it does are described in the new online documentation, and soon in the official printed Duik User Guide!

Download Duik Ángela.2 Alpha now!

💜With love💜

the RxLab. Team

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