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We don't send newsletters very often, but when we do, we have important things to share, like the Beta testing of Duik Ángela.2 for RxLab.'s members, Duduf's new Behance page, the OCA evolution, some news about the Ramses Server, the illustrated and Comprehensive Duik Documentation and its related books, and the latest updates of Duik Ángela, DuBlast for Blender, OCA for Krita and more. Enjoy!

Duik Ángela.2
Alpha test the new Duik Ángela.2 here! v17.2.0
Alpha means not all the new features are available yet, and new features are going to be implemented during this new cycle of updates.
As soon as all these planned features are available, we'll go to Beta testing, when only fixes and minor improvements will be added thanks to your feedback, before a public release in a few months.
Alpha and Beta test versions are available in early access to all RxLab members; if you'd like to test this new Duik, join us! That will be a nice way to support our work and keep Duik free forever. We need you!
The new feature in this version is the new Performance panel, quickly available with a new button at the bottom right corner of the Duik's panel, next to the sanity tests.

This new panel gathers all performance-related settings and tools to help you speed up After Effects; you'll also find the brand new Optimizer tool, which will set better settings and adjust stuff in the current composition to make it more responsive and faster to render, according to a simple optimization level you can define according to your needs.

This Optimizer is also available in the composition tools panel, and as a new stand-alone Duik Optimizer.jsx panel for a quick access.

All the details about what it does are described in the new online documentation, and soon in the official printed Duik User Guide!
Download Duik Ángela.2 Alpha
Duduf is on Behance

Nicolas Dufresne, Duduf, is the mastermind behind Duik and all the RxLab. Open Tools.

He's got a brand new gallery on Behance, where you can find the artistic creations he is working on, from film research sketches to the illustrations that embellish his books.

Keep en eye on this page!

Visit Duduf's Behance page
OCA evolution

OCA, the Open Cel Animation format is an open format we've designed to ease the exchange of traditional/frame-by-frame/cel animation between different applications.

We've been back working on the OCA format recently, motivated by some fellow developers building a great tool to improve the way Blackmagic Fusion supports the format!

OCA already works quite well in a wide range of applications, like Blender, Krita, OpenToonz, Fusion, etc. but we've just updated and posted our roadmap to include more features in the format, develop an API to help developers include it in even more applications and perhaps one day release an OCA Player to easily preview OCA files.

We're also planning to include support for OCA in our media encoder, DuME (we'll post more info about a new DuME in our next newsletter!)

Learn more about OCA here.

Discover the future of OCA in the roadmap.

Ramses Server

Ramses, the Rx Asset Management System, is a complete framework to help you, your team, your studio, track the production of your films and automate your workflow.

We've fixed compatibility issues with:

⎔ PHP 8.x
⎔ MariaDB

The server should now work correctly with both PHP 7.x and 8.x, MySQL, MariaDB and SQLite.
This extends the number of supported configurations to let you easily install your own Ramses Server, so you don't depend on anyone to store and sync your data.

This being said, if you're willing to trust us, we'll soon be proposing managed Ramses Servers at very low cost so you can benefit from the syncing features of Ramses, with automatic backups and enhanced security, without hassle.

And don't forget if you don't need multi-user accounts, you can perfectly use Ramses in "offline" mode, without any server. Your data will be yours only, and you can still sync it with any third party app like Syncthing, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

More Info & Download Ramses
Illustrated and Comprehensive Duik Documentation
The Illustrated and Comprehensive Duik Documentation is ready!
It was a lot of work, but Duduf has finally finished writing the complete Duik Ángela user guide.
Duik is a powerhouse of more than 50 individual features – which could as well be as many individual scripts sold separately – packaged in a free and open source comprehensive toolkit.
This illustrated user guide is a complete reference about every­thing in Duik, written by its developer, and includes all the tips, advice, explanations and details you'll need to master character rigging and animation in After Effects and in general.
This means the new beautiful book about Duik will be available soon along with the great and big Duik Ángela Source Code Book!
Stay in touch ;)


Read the Duik comprehensive documentation
Latest Tool Updates

Here's the list of tools which got a brand new update since our latest newsletter.

DuBlast for Blender V3.3.2, August 8 2023

Ramses Server V0.8.7-Beta, August 14 2023

Duik Angela V17.1.7, August 15 2023

OCA V1.2.0, August 14 2023

OCA for Krita V1.3.0, August 13 2023

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