Gold Membership (Annual subscription)

Gold Membership (Annual subscription)

Gold Membership (Annual subscription)

100.00  ( 83.33  ex. tax ) / year

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Current goal: $4000 per month

Get an early access to your shiny new tools, tutorials and other exclusive perks.

Thanks for your support!

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Support the development of free and open source software by joining us! To thank you, all members have an early access to the tools and free tutorials.

  • Early access to the Rx Open Tools before their release, and to their private alpha tests.
    Enjoy the newest features, go hunting for bugs in uncharted territories, and suggest interesting options and new features that may have slipped our minds.
  • Early access to our free tutorials: discover new features and learn how to use our tools before everyone else!
  • Member-only newsletters with details and previews of the tools and the activity of RxLaboratory; discover what happens behind the scene!
  • Access to exclusive member-only products on the store.
  • Unlimited access to all our tutorials for free as long as you’re a gold member!
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