Duik Bassel – User Guide [Color edition]

Duik Bassel – User Guide [Color edition]
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Duik Bassel – User Guide [Color edition]

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Make yourself or your colleagues a great gift buying the latest guide of Duik.

Duik Bassel won’t have any secrets for you anymore, and by buying this book you’re actively supporting the future development of Duik!

This is the color edition of the second edition of the user guide which includes all new features of Duik Bassel.2

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This is the Color version of the second edition of the Duik Bassel user guide.

Duik is a free script for the Animation software Adobe After Effects.

It eases character, props, and camera animation. Duik creates rigs which allow the animator to manipulate the characters in a very intuitive way. Created in 2009 in France, very simple at its beginning, Duik is now very complete and has an international success; it is used to create TV series, advertising, motion design, video games, music videos, short movies and feature films. It is used in many companies all around the world.

Duik is free software (open source), since its creation, and the new version Duik Bassel, was financed by a Crowdfunding campaign which was a great success in the beginning of 2017. This success allowed a complete renovation with a lot of new features and improvements, while creating a large international comunity of users.

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Nov 15, 2019



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