The Duik Certification preparation course

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The Duik Certification preparation course has been designed to help you prepare your certification exams. It is an advanced 4-day course about Duik for After Effects experts.


  • 4 Days (28 hours) + Exam(s) (1 day – expert, 1 day – instructor)
  • In Lille, France, or online
  • Advanced / Expert
  • In French or English
  • Price: 2000€ (Expert), 2200€ (Instructor)
    Fundings are available for people living in France, contact us with the form at the bottom of this page.

This course optionally includes the expert and instructor certification exams (1 day for each) at the end.

Intended Audience

Professional and regular users of After Effects or instructors who have already used Duik to rig and animate characters, who wish to become Duik Certified Experts or Instructors, or who want to learn advanced rigging and animation techniques using Duik.


These requirements are basically what is explained in the official rigging tutorials with Duik Bassel. We recommend you to follow all these tutorials before applying to this course.

  • After Effects
    • Parenting and coordinates.
    • Pre-compositions, performance, continuous rasterization, collapse transformation, essential graphics panel and master properties.
    • Expressions (links, values, variables, conditions…)
    • Shape Layers (repeater, merge paths, trim paths, groups…)
    • Animation (keyframes, velocities, graph editor, separate dimensions and trajectories…)
    • Puppet tool (both engines, pin types)
    • Install and use scripts (installation folders and methods)
  • Animation
    • Principles (anticipation, follow through, overlap…)
    • Weight and Energy
    • Realistically animate simple objects (falling objects, balls…)
  • Duik: Rigging process of a standard character
    • Armatures
    • Auto-Rig
    • Pins and puppet pins
    • Pins and paths
    • Head turn and eyes using the connector
    • Facial expressions (eyes, mouths shapes) using the connector
    • Automation (Kleaner, walk cycle…)

Have a look at the recommended sources for the preparation of the certification exams to learn all you need to be able to attend this course.


The main objective of this course is to learn all you need to pass the certification exams*. It is also a great course for anyone who want to master Duik.

  • Master all tools in Duik
  • Understand the character animation principles
  • Rig any kind of character and mechanic: quadrupeds, machines, fishes…
  • Use Duik to create particles, automate animations, etc.
  • Perfectly animate all kinds of cameras.

*Provided you already have enough experience with After Effects and you already know the basics of Duik. This course is not a guarantee you will pass the exam.


Contact us with the form at the end of this page if you’d like more details about the content.

  • Character rigging principles
    • Difference between FK and IK, how to choose the best for the animation
    • Ergonomic design of the rigs
    • Improve performance
    • How to re-use the same character in multiple animations
  • Animation
    • Walk and run cycles
    • Kleaner for physics simulation
    • IK/FK Switch
    • The animation library
    • The non-linear animation tool (NLA)
    • Exercises: cycles, simulations, animated vfx…
  • Advanced Rigging tools
    • Custom Armatures
    • Zero
    • Expose Transform
    • Connector and velocities
    • Advanced and custom controllers
    • Creating Pseudo-Effects
    • Constraints
    • Parent across compositions
    • Exercises: rigging of a fish, of machines, of quadrupeds, of details such as cloths, expressions, hair…
  • Animation and automation tools
    • The randomize tool
    • Spatial and Map Effectors
    • Key Morph
    • Combined automation to create particles
    • Exercises: particle systems, vfx, automation…
  • Camera tools
    • 2D and 3D Camera rigs
    • Exercises: layout, camera animation
  • Avanced tools
    • All tools in the miscellaneous tools panel in Expert Mode
    • The Script Library
    • The expression editor
    • Command line interface / Functions library
    • The Duik API
  • For future instructors
    • Information about the license of Duik
    • Translating Duik using DuTranslator
    • Bug reports and Feature requests
    • Uninstalling Duik

Still have some questions about the Certification Program? You will probably find answers in the FAQ here.

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